Adverse Childhood Experiences

The Evidence Based Therapist: Where We Read so You Don’t Have to (but we’d love if you did), Welcome to Your Invitation to Get Involved…And You Can Do Your Own Research as Well, and We’ll Talk About it. In all seriousness, Caleb & Bridger interview Andrea about her original research. Check the show notes to see how you can get involved! #spicypsychology

Adverse Childhood Experiences and Interpersonal Dynamics

  • Andrea started reading about Adverse Childhood Experiences scale 
  • And how those are the leading factors that indicate developing health conditions later on.
  • Additionally, Andrea realized there isn’t much research on how this impacts adult relationships.
  • Her experience in the substance abuse center led her to believe there’s a correlation.
  • However, there are correlations between ACEs and socio-economic status, attachment style, education level.
  • Andrea’s research includes these factors.
  • She hypothesizes that adverse childhood experiences will be a better predictor for divorce rates and relationship satisfaction. 

Complete the study here!

Andrea’s Study

  • Several scales, surveys, and questionnaires were used for the participants 
  • Used to determine attachment style, relationship satisfaction, divorce status etc. 
  • Then, will look at the common predictors for divorce and will compare them to the other survey responses
  • And will use statistical analysis to evaluate results. 
  • With so many variables, unexpected correlations could pop up that could fuel future research. 
  • She predicts that the higher the ACE score, the lower the relationship satisfaction.
  • However, even if her prediction is wrong she is still finding out important information.

Outcomes of the Study

  • Importantly, knowing how ACEs affect relationship satisfaction can help to break that cycle
  • Because you can be aware of it in your relationship.
  • Additionally, the study results can benefit clinicians as well.
  • Andrea believes there is much more to learn and plans to study this topic further. 
  • She is still collecting data until August 1st and can find the study here

Andrea Gray

  • Graduated from Drury with a degree in Clinical and Behavioral Neuroscience.
  • Working at a substance abuse recovery center sparked her interest in biological and neuroscience aspects of psychology.
  • Andrea is pursuing her master’s in clinical psychology at Missouri State University beginning fall 2022


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